Frequntly Asked Questions - Pub Crawl

Is it really necessary to take part in the bar crawl in order to find out about gay nightlife in Bali?

Well, it’s definitely not. But it’s much more fun to enjoy the party together with other guys and our superb guide. Moreover, you won’t be a target of pay-boys at all times that could be quite annoying (but you can of course opt for them anytime).

What kind of crowd attends your gay bar tours?

Most of the men who join us for the crawls are travellers in their early 20s to early 50s spending holiday in Bali.

Is the tour intended for gay men only?

Not at all. Everybody from LGBT community is welcome and even your straight friends can join if they feel comfortable to do so. The bars and clubs we go are openly gay but with a decent crowd of straight clients.

Is it fine to take part in the crawl if I am single traveler?

Absolutely! If you’re alone you will probably appreciate the ease of getting acquainted with other people even more. There is always about half of the group made of single travellers.

What will I get for my money?

We provide 3 beers and a discount of 15% for other drinks and food in the first bar. The place we go is not especially pricey but it is at the prime location in Seminyak and we’ll get a nice table for you right at the beach. More importantly, a lot of laughs, good company and party till morning is included.

Is there any age restriction?

According to Indonesian law, the legal age for alcohol concumption is 21 years. Due to the character of the tour, you might be asked to prove your age at the beginning of the tour.

How can I pay for the tour?

The payment gate at our website runs on PayPal platform and it accepts both PayPal and credit/debit card payment options. You can even pay for more persons together by selecting the number of participants at the product page. Please contact us in advance for cash payments.

When is the latest I can book my place on the crawl?

You can make a reservation anytime before the tour as long as there is availability on the selected day however, we recommend to do it as soon as possible.

Is there minimum/maximum limit of participants?

The minimum of bookings we need to receive in order to organize the tour is 5 persons. The maximum is set to 20 due to the capacity of the venues.

What’s the cancellation policy?

If you let us know that you cannot crawl with us for whatever reason more than 24 hours before the start of the tour we will be sad but you’ll receive 50% of the total amount back. If you inform us later or you will not show up at all we can’t do anything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - VIP Group

How to join the VIP Group?

Go to VIP Group page and subscribe. After the registration, you will receive an invitation to join our Facebook group that is otherwise invisible. Obviously, you need to have your own Facebook account and a valid e-mail address to apply. The whole process usually takes up to 3 hours.

Is my membership approved automatically?

No. Every applying member is approved individually and we take a reasonable effort to check that you are a real person. Your Facebook profile should contain at least a couple of your own photos. We reserve the right to refuse your subscription if we found your account suspicious, fake or violating values of our community. In this case, the registration fee (if applicable) will be refunded immediately.

Why is the membership limited to 30 days?

Many people are coming to Bali just for 2 or 3 weeks. 30 days limit helps us to keep our member base up to date. Communication within the group is certainly more efficient and pleasant without inactive accounts.

What are the payment options?

By default, we use PayPal with credit/debit card payment option. Should you prefer to pay via bank transfer drop us a line at or contact us through our Facebook and we will send you payment details.

Is there a guide during the events?

No. Even though our guides or other members of the team visit the events regularly their presence is not required. Should you prefer organized tours, book one of the pub crawls we organize twice a week instead.